Spunky Bot Documentation#

About Spunky Bot#

Spunky Bot is the most advanced RCON tool for managing your game server, offering in-game commands without authentication and automated administration even when no admin is online.

Your game server can be enhanced with the ultimate administration power that Spunky Bot brings! The all-in-one server administration bot for Urban Terror gives admins the power to easily manage and administrate their server. It allows players access to statistics and gives powerful options to manage the flow of a game.

Spunky Bot performs a direct communication with the game server through RCON sockets. RCON is short for remote control. It allows you to make changes to the server and gives you access to administrative commands.

Supported Games & Engines#

Spunky Bot currently supports the following games based on the Quake III Arena (q3a) game engine:

  • ioquake3
    • Urban Terror
      • 4.1
      • 4.2
      • 4.3