This document describes the configuration of your game server that is required in order to work properly with Spunky Bot.

Urban Terror Game Server#

Make sure your game server config sets the following CVAR parameters correctly:

seta g_logsync      "1"  // real-time log writing
seta g_loghits      "1"  // log all hits (allows to recognize headshots)
seta g_friendlyfire "2"  // friendlyfire enabled but no kicks

Otherwise open your server config file, e.g. sudo vi /opt/urbanterror/.q3a/q3ut4/server.cfg and modify these parameters.


Restart your Urban Terror game server to apply the changes.

Spunky Bot Settings#

Open the configuration file /conf/settings.conf in your Spunky Bot folder and change at least the IP address, port, RCON password and the full path of the games.log log file according to your environment.

Detailed configuration options of Spunky Bot can be found in the settings guide.


Restart Spunky Bot to apply the changes.

Running Spunky Bot#

You can run Spunky Bot from the command line:

$ python

Or use the provided initscript as described here.

First start instruction#

After successfully installing and configuring Spunky Bot, you will start the bot for the first time.
Spunky Bot will check if there is a Head Admin in your database. If not, the command !iamgod will be enabled for the first player typing it in the game.

Connect to your game server and type !iamgod in the global chat to get the admin level Head Admin.
This command will be disabled automatically. Spunky Bot allows only one user as Head Admin.

Advanced Configuration#

Use the provided systemd script to run Spunky Bot as daemon:

  • Modify 'User' and 'WorkingDirectory' to suit where you installed Spunky Bot
  • Move this file to /lib/systemd/system/spunkybot.service
  • Reload systemctl daemon: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  • Start the Bot at server boot: sudo systemctl enable spunkybot.service
  • Manual start of the Bot: sudo systemctl start spunkybot.service

Use the provided sysVinit script to run Spunky Bot as daemon:

  • Modify the lines 20-25 of the file debian_startscript to suit where you installed Spunky Bot, and which user is running the Urban Terror server
  • Move the file to /etc/init.d/spunkybot: sudo mv debian_startscript /etc/init.d/spunkybot
  • Make it executable: sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/spunkybot
  • Start the Bot at server boot: sudo update-rc.d spunkybot defaults
  • Manual start of the Bot: sudo /etc/init.d/spunkybot start