Community Information & Contributing#

If you want to get involved, whether in terms of asking a question, helping other users, introducing new people to Spunky Bot, or helping with the software or documentation, we appreciate your contributions to the project.

Contributing Code (Features or Bugfixes)#

The Spunky Bot project keeps its source on GitHub at
The project takes contributions through GitHub pull requests.

You can help us in different ways:

  • Open an issue with suggestions for improvements
  • Fork this repository and submit a pull request:
    • Click the Fork button to create your personal fork
    • Create your feature branch: git checkout -b new-feature
    • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
    • Push to the branch: git push origin new-feature
    • Create a new pull request
  • Improve the documentation (separate repository)

We will then review your contributions and discuss issues with you.

Be patient, your request might not get merged right away, we also try to keep the development branch more or less usable, so we like to examine pull requests carefully, which takes time.

Keep in mind that small and focused requests are easier to check and accept, having example cases also help us understand the utility of a bug fix or a new feature.

Contributions can be for new features like modules, or to fix bugs you or others have found.

We like simple, readable code and consistent, conservatively extending, backwards-compatible improvements. The code developed for Spunky Bot must support Python 2.6+. Please also use a 4-space indent and no tabs. We do not enforce 80 characters lines, we are fine with 120-160.

Mailing List Information#

The Spunky Bot Mailing List is for sharing tips, answering questions, and general user discussion.

Community Code of Conduct#

The Spunky Bot community welcomes users of all types, backgrounds, and skill levels. Please treat others as you expect to be treated, keep discussions positive, and avoid discrimination of all kinds, profanity, or engaging in controversial debates.

Posts to mailing lists should remain focused around Spunky Bot and game server administration. Abuse of these community guidelines will not be tolerated and may result in banning from community resources.

Contributors License Agreement#

By contributing code to this project in any form, including sending a pull request via GitHub, a code fragment or patch via mail or public discussion groups, you agree that these contributions are your own and you grant a full, complete, irrevocable copyright license to all users and developers of the project, present and future, pursuant to the license of the project.