• Real time game statistics
  • Different user groups and levels
  • Supports all RCON commands
  • Supports temporary and permanent bans of players
  • Supports rotation messages

The following packages are already included:

Admin package#

  • Kick a player
  • (temp)ban a player
  • Warn a player (3 warnings mean kick/tempban)
  • Spank a player
  • Clear a player's warnings

Statistics package#

  • Reads the game log file in real-time
  • Check your personal statistics in game
  • Supports player, map and top statistics

Team kill package#

  • Grudge
  • Automatic kick

Rotation messages package#

  • Capability to show advertisements, server rules, online admins or any kind of rotation message

Welcome message package#

  • Welcomes players and displays their connection details


  • When active the autobalancer makes sure the teams will always be balanced

Ping check package#

  • Controls the maximum ping before a player being warned

Spec Checker#

  • Controls how long a player may stay in spec before being warned. All parameters are configurable