Frequently Asked Questions#

How do I become Head Admin?#

Connect to your game server and be the first to enter !iamgod in the global game chat.

Someone entered !iamgod before me! How to fix this?#

Once the !iamgod command was used, it is no longer available.

Stop Spunky Bot and delete the database file data.sqlite. Then make sure no one is on your game server, restart Spunky Bot and be the first to enter !iamgod in the global game chat.


Use the following sequence of commands to delete the database file:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/spunkybot stop
$ sudo rm /opt/spunkybot/data.sqlite
$ sudo /etc/init.d/spunkybot start

If you do not want to delete your database file, you can remove the user from the Head Admin group by editing the database. To do this, you need a tool to connect to your database.

Why doesn't Spunky Bot respond to my commands?#

If Spunky Bot seems to ignore your commands, follow the instructions to identify the problem:

  • restart Spunky Bot
  • connect to your game server
  • type !help in the global game chat

How do I add administrators?#

Use the command !putgroup to add a player using the name or ID to one of the admin groups, in this example to the Full Admin group:

!putgroup <name|id> fulladmin

Spunky Bot has several user groups, each serving a specific purpose.

Spunky Bot responds slow to my commands#

If Spunky Bot reads the game server log file, your game log file might not be updated in real-time by the game server.
Check your game server settings according to the instructions in the game configuration section.

Can I run Spunky Bot on a LAN?#

Yes, you can run Spunky Bot on a LAN without limitations.


The "show country on connect" option is deactivated on a LAN.

Does Spunky Bot run on Windows 64-bit systems?#

Spunky Bot runs perfectly on Windows 64-bit operating systems.

Can I run many different bots?#

Yes, you can run many bots on the same machine, as long as you separate them in different folders.


Bot #1 with home folder: /opt/spunkybot1/
Bot #2 with home folder: /opt/spunkybot2/